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About Our Program

AMPW's comprehensive weight management program includes the following services:

  • Metabolic analysis (labs ordered at 3 month intervals as needed)

  • Body composition analysis 

    • Our body composition analyzer provides unique accuracy through whole body MRI validation (skeletal mass) and 4C model (fat mass), offering comprehensive, personalized normal ranges based on over 3,000 multiethnic subjects.

  • Expert Health coaching

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Exercise regimens

  • Stress reduction

  • Behavioral counseling

  • Prescription weight-loss medications, if indicated*

  • Multi-disciplinary team to provide support when you need it

  • Maintenance phase to protect your weight loss

*FDA-approved weight loss medications are used if clinically indicated for those that fall within the current evidence-based guidelines of BMI over 30, BMI over 27 + one or more obesity-related comorbidities, or a body fat percentage over 30% in females, over 25% in males.



Prior to your visit you MUST fill out and submit our initial intake form, which helps give us detailed insight to your medical, social, and psychological history that may be affecting your weight.  During our initial visit we will review your history together and touch base the FIVE areas what we will be working on together during your weight loss journey:

  • Identify and treat underlying medical causes of weight

  • Utilize medications to help with weight loss if indicated

  • Nutritional planning

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Work on changing behaviors

This initial visit is strictly a consultation to review the history of your weight journey, and introduce you to different treatment options targeting the five areas mentioned above. We will regroup at our second visit for an in-depth discussion on the treatment plan after you have had time to take in all the information from our first visit.



After your initial consult, we will see you two weeks later to start your plan. After that, we will see you monthly. We have discovered that regardless of what plan we help you pick, the biggest predictor of success is sticking with the monthly follow up. Some patients will need to be seen more often.



Once you have reached the maintenance phase, we recommend being seen every 12 weeks. It is often harder to keep weight off than to lose it, and regular long term follow-up is key to help maintain the weight you have worked so hard to lose.

Most people
will start to lose weight their first month of making lifestyle changes.
Many people lose most of their weight in the first 6-9 months.

Being ready to commit to change is the key to getting the most out of

your effort.

Our Personalized Evidence-Based Weight Management Program is offered to you at 
$450 for 9 months

due prior to initial consultation

After month 9, we should have you in the maintenance phase of the program, where we can start to spread out our visits to every 3 months.

The additional membership charge covers all factors included in each individuals' customized comprehensive medical weight loss plan developed using evidence-based medicine by our Obesity Specialty Care physician (see "About Our Program" above). The membership charge helps support this effective and sustainable model of care that unfortunately is not fully covered by insurance.

This fee covers the first 9 months of the program, and is in addition to any co-pays or deductibles that apply per visit. Most visits are covered by insurance, and we will be happy to discuss if your plan is accepted.  Cash pay patients are also welcome.


If you are scheduled for an initial consultation, please make sure to fill out and send us a copy of a completed New Patient Intake Form at least three (3) business days prior to your visit.


A copy of the contract is available for you to review ahead of time, but you will fill it out when you check in for your initial consultation visit. 


Your Health Expert



Dr. Shelley Roque-Lichtig is triple Board Certified in Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Sport Medicine, which helps her provide exceptional medical weight management and treat obesity-related chronic health conditions.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, and moved on to earn her medical degree from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. She completed her family medicine residency at Florida Hospital in Winter Park, FL, then subsequently a fellowship in sports medicine at Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, PA. She then achieved board certification by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Roque-Lichtig focuses on giving patients the highest quality of care while encouraging their participation in managing their medical conditions. Her philosophy of patient care is based on compassion, evidence-based medicine, and teamwork.

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